20 August, 2015

July in Review

I've hit a bit of a reading slump at the moment - nothing appeals, nothing inspires. Anyway, it's flowed to my blog obviously and it's taken me awhile to get motivated and get my July in review up.

Stats for July

Kindle - 3                                    Library - 4
Book - 2                                      Own -4
Audio - 1   
Graphic novel - 2                       Borrowed (non library) - 0
Fiction - 7                            
Non-fiction - 1

Female Author - 1                        New to Me Authors - 2
Male Author - 7
Australian Author - 0

Big graphic novel/ comic strip month. Reading slump.

Pick of the month would easily be All The Light We Cannot See.  Beautifully written and moving. If you are interested in WWII fiction, I highly recommend it. I was a little disappointed with Buy Me The Sky, interesting subject, but just lacked something.
Book group Coin Locker Babies and I am still working on it. I missed the discussion as the kids had a trampoline competition!

Skullduggery  was the only audio book for the month and I continue to recommend this series. Audio seems to be the only thing firing for me at the moment and I am close to finishing my second one for August.

So I continue. I'm struggling with August's book group book as well. I'm dipping into a lot of different things in an attempt to fire my reading mojo again. I think it's working. Anyone got any - you absolutely have to read this ideas for me?

How was your July?