01 July, 2013

Bloggers Boogie: Melancholy style

Little White Dove

I've been a bit down recently, not sure why, but it will pass. Anyway, yesterday we were driving and song came on the radio and I instantly teared up. It's a  song I played over and over and over again the day a friend died, almost thirty years ago when I was 13. Usually I don't have a problem with the song, but occasionally, when I'm a bit low to start with there are songs that trigger the tears and the memories. So todays (late) boogie is dedicated to some wonderful people who are no longer with us.

Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper.
This is the song that set me off yesterday. It's for Kiri, who was taken from us way too soon at the age of 13. She has taught me lots and is the reason I am so pro vaccination.

Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. 
For Elliott. Elliott's mum is my mum's cousin. Not sure what that makes Elliott and I, but I loved him. He was 19 when he was the victim of a hit and run. This was played at his funeral.

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
This was played at the funeral of cousin Sam who took his own life earlier this year. My family has been touched by suicide many times and it never gets easier. This is not your classic funeral song, but it suited Sam.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
For Tony. Another cousin, another suicide. I didn't get to Tony's funeral which broke my heart. This song says everything I wish I could say to all of those who have gone too soon - Wish you were here.

Amazing Grace
I'm not 100% sure, but I think this was played at the funerals of both my grandmother's - one aged 91, the other 98. Both amazing women who I still miss every day.

Cast in Stone by The Ten Tenors
It my real maudlin moments I wonder what songs I would choose for a funeral. This is always one. I hope I never have to use it.

So there you go, my melancholy bloggers boogie. Hopefully next week I can return you to a more cheerful boogie.