27 May, 2012

Library Book Month

I love libraries. From the small suburban community library, right up to the huge grand State libraries - there is something about walking into one that instantly relaxes and calms me.

I consider myself lucky to work in a library - I love it! Although the down side is the number of books I bring home and don't get to read before having to return them! I currently have 12 books out, plus another 6 on request - and it's only that small because I have been very strict with myself! However, I want to read everything I have borrowed, so I am declaring from now to June 24 (when we fly to Canberra for 2 weeks) library book month. For the next month I will not borrow any new books (DVD's, CD's and magazines are the exception here) and I will read nothing but the library books I currently have out or on request once they come in!

Here's the list of what I currently have out.

When We Were Orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro Finished 27/5
Storm Peak: A Jesse Parker Mystery - John Flanagan Finished 11/6
Lockie Leonard: Scum buster- Tim Winton Finished 8/6

Ishamael and the Return of the Dugongs - Michael Gerard Bauer Finished 19/6
The Breaker - Minette Walters Finished 30/5
The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel - Brandon Sanderson Finished 23/6
48 Shades of Brown - Nick Earls Finished 19/6
*Bungawitta - Emily Rodda Finished 9/6
*Crow Country - Kate Constable Finished 2/6
*The Golden Door - Emily Rodda  Finished 6/6
*The Outcasts - John Flanigan Finished 9/6
* The Truth About Verity Sparks - Susan Green Finished 4/6
All My Dangerous Friends - Sonya Hartnett Finished 24/6 
*Nanberry: Black Brother White - Jackie French Finished 17/6

On hold I have:

Between the Lines - Jodi Piccoult & Samantha Van Leer
Complete Peanuts 1967-1968 - Charles Schulz
Various Positions - Martha Schabas

Anything marked with an * is part of my quest to read all the books short listed by the Children's Book Council of Australia for their Book of the Year Awards later in August. I've already read all the older reader books, so now am onto the younger readers. I'll also be doing the picture book and early childhood books - by they are all picture books and I haven't included them in my lists above although I do have a fair few of those out too!

So I am currently reading When We Were Orphans - lets see how many I can get through!

BTW, how many library books do you have out? Do you frequently return them unread??