17 February, 2012

Sins of the Father

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Eamonn Duff
Genre: Non fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Lent by a friend

Synopsis: Schapelle Corby is an Australian girl who was accused of smuggling a large amount of marijuana into Indonesia. She has always maintained her innocence. Her family turned it into a media circus. This book examines her father's involvement in the drug trade in Australia, the families apparent hunger for media attention and whether Schapelle is as innocent as she pretends.
What I thought: This book had potential. You say the name "Schapelle Corby" to any Australian and they will have an opinion. The family, particularly her sister Mercedes, rode the media wave for a long time and still crop up on the cover of women's magazines. Debate has raged for awhile over the role of the media and Schapelle's innocence or guilt. For quite a time, the country believed she was innocent, believed she was set up, but as time has gone on, more people have questioned the truth of this. Me personally - I don't see how she couldn't know the drugs were in her boogie board bag. I don't think she was alone and I think she has taken the fall for others - most particularly her father. I also think if you are stupid enough to traffic drugs into Indonesia you cannot cry foul when you get caught. They aren't exactly secretive about how they treat drug runners. At the same time, I also believe all efforts should be made to bring her home to serve her sentence in an Australian jail.
Now, having said that, the book was not well written. It was clunky, disjointed and in real need of a good editor. What could have been a really interesting, insightful  book in the end was just frustrating.

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  1. Kylie, I think you need a big wake up call on this issue. How come you've spent your money on a boring, badly written book - and even spent more time and energy reading it (as obviously, the subject matter must spark your interest), without going to the trouble of doing a free, simple Google search? Google: eamonn duff sins of the father & click on the top link. Also Google: eamonn duff & click on the third link. Also check out the new, feature length documentary at expendable.tv

  2. I find it interesting Kim, that you are willing to attack me but don't bother to give me a forum other than this to reply to you. If you look at my review, you will see I didn't buy the book, it was lent to me. How I choose to expend my energy is, as far as I am concerned, my business. Yes the subject interests me. It's not the only thing on the Corby case I have read or watched. It's very clear to me which side of the fence you sit on. I agree the book is poorly written, I've said as much. However, other stuff I have looked at has helped me form my own opinion on this case.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

  3. Glad to hear you didn't waste your money on this book Kylie. However, if want to keep info on what you read private, and thus "Your business," it's probably best not to blog about it. As for the "Fences" you mention, when the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime clearly publishes data (in 2007), which tells us marijuana was selling in Bali at the time Schapelle flew for around US30 cents a gram, while it was selling here for around $US31 a gram - plus Australian Customs send me a letter saying a "Flow" of this drug FROM Australia, TO Indonesia does not exist (and never has), for that glaringly obvious economic reason, then I'm afraid there's only one sane option to take. I'm also not sure what you mean about giving you a "Forum?"

  4. http://www.sinsofthefather.net/2011/11/eamonn-duff-sins-of-father-schapelle.html I think it might be a good idea for you Kylie to go view this link above. Also there is very interesting interview with David McHugh mr smoothy in the book who says the book is a pack lies see www.expendable.tv fairfax Allen Unwin google it. I hear legal action has commenced against the author & the publisher. Shame full !!!