14 July, 2015

June In Review

Half the year gone! Christmas mad friends of mine have started posting things like how many days until Christmas. Personally I continue to stick my fingers in my ears and sing la la la la.

Like May, June has been a good month. I finished off the  Children's Book Council short listed older and younger reader books. Great range of books this year and hopefully I'll get up my picks for winners and notables soon.

Stats for June:

Kindle - 2                                    Library - 8
Book - 8                                       Own -4
Audio - 1                                     Borrowed (non library) - 0
Graphic Novel - 1

Fiction 12                             
Non-fiction - 0

Female Author - 6                        New to Me Authors - 4 (5 if you count Robert Galbraith)
Male Author - 6
Australian Author - 6

Pick of the month is hard - so many good books this month. I loved The Minnow and The Protected - expect both to appear in my short list wrap up post. A Man Called Ove and The Cuckoo's Calling were also great books. As for Soon, Gleitzman's whole series about Felix is wonderful.
Book group was Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek. It was just as good as I remembered and was a great discussion. This month is Coin Locker Babies and I am really looking forward to it.

I managed to finish my audio book A Man Called Ove just before we went away for two weeks so haven't really started anything new. I have the next Skullduggery and Inside the O'Briens ready to go. Looking forward to both!

At the moment I have 5 books to do reviews of, all read while we spend two glorious weeks in New Zealand. Keep an eye out, they'll be coming soon!

How was your June?