05 January, 2013


That is the number of books I read in 2012. Down on 2011 which was 103 reads.

I finished the year off with this:

Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel
Finishing it on New Years Eve, giving me my 85th book for the year. You can view the whole list here.

As for my other 2012 challenges - A bit of a mixed result.

What's in a Name Challenge - I managed 4 of the 6 books for this challenge.

EBook Challenge - I made my original target of 10 books for this challenge and decided to go for 25. Missed it by 1! Mind you, my Kindle died twice this year so maybe if that hadn't happened...

Aussie Authors Challenge - was aiming for 12, read 20

Dystopia Challenge - totally failed at this one. Was aiming for between 4 and 7, read 2. I really struggled to find adult dystopian that interested me this year.

I've only signed up for one challenge in 2013 so far. Little White Dove's 13 in 13 challenge - with some modified rules. I'm not sure if I will go for any others, although I will continue to track my reading with a 2013 list. The only other challenge I'm contemplating is an ebook one and maybe an Aussie Author one - I like to set myself up for success!

As previously mentioned I'm also looking at changing the direction of this blog. I have decided to keep the sewing one separate. However you may find more than just book reviews appearing here. I often have thoughts about politics and other aspects of life I want to share and have decided to do it here rather than start another blog. I hope that whatever I do you find it interesting enough to pop in every now and then!