09 August, 2012

Alex and Me

Title: Alex and Me
Author: Irene M Pepperberg
Genre: Memoir
Audience: Adult
Format: Book - Lent by friend

From Goodreads:
From Alex's first words to his sudden death, "Alex & Me" tells the story of a delightful and mischievous parrot who rocked the scientific establishment. Yet his real story can't be found in any science journal--the story of a relationship, with its affection, jealousy, and lifelong rewards.

 What I thought:  A lovely friend gave me this book to read after she came to my house and met my pet cockatiel.
My gorgeous Smokey.
 Now while my bird above is no African Grey, he is pretty smart! He wolf whistles at me every time I come down stairs,  (a great confidence booster, I'm telling you!) can whistle the Imperial March from Star Wars (that's this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8), is working on When the Saints go Marching in, says how you doing whenever someone walks in the front door, mimics the microwave so well I've actually got up to check what is in it and says hop on when he wants to come out of his cage. All in all, I think he is pretty special. (even if he does love my husband more than me!)
Alex and Me is the story of an amazing African Grey parrot who changed the way the scientific world thought about the brains of birds and other non mammalian animals. This youtube clip is a short example of what he could do.

I loved this book - the relationship between Irene and Alex and the fact she proved how smart a bird can be. As I said above, I love my bird, something that a lot people don't get. (it's only a bird) and I adore the way this book celebrates the intelligence of parrots.