13 December, 2011

The Complete Peanuts 1959 - 1960

Title: The Compete Peanuts 1959 - 1960
Author: Charles Schulz
Genre: Comic
Series: Peanuts
Audience: Everyone!
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Volume 5 in this series takes us through 1959 and 1960.

What I thought: Love it! Not only are the cartoons a blast, but the introductions to each book are fantastic as well and can put a slightly different slant on the cartoons. Finding out that Charles Schulz had difficulty fitting in when he was young, that he often felt on the outer lends a whole new slant to Charlie Brown. In this volume Charlie Brown gets a sister and Snoopy starts sleeping on top of his dog house.

Recommended for: those who love Snoopy and the gang!