20 November, 2011

The Complete Peanuts 1957 - 1958

Title: The Compete Peanuts 1957 - 1958
Author: Charles Schulz
Genre: Comic
Series: Peanuts
Audience: Everyone!
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Volume 4 in this series takes us through 1957 and 1958.

What I thought: This was my much needed light relief while reading The Fear. I haven't read one of these since April, and in the end the comment is the same! Want a laugh? Go find a Peanuts book. Amongst the belly laughs is some great social and emotional commentary on the world as a whole and the life of a kid. Can you get any better than this? I enjoyed it so much, I'm off to put the next one on reserve now!

Recommended for: those who love Snoopy and the gang!