29 June, 2011


Title: Lament
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Genre: Fiction 
Series: Book of Faerie
Audience: Young Adult 
Format: Book

Synopsis: Deirdre can see faeries. But these aren’t the cute, kind type you find at the bottom of your garden. No, these faeries are far from that. On top of that, there’s Luke, a rather attractive young man that Deirdre is infatuated with, but who has been sent by the faerie queen to assassinate Deirdre.

What I thought: Maggie Stiefvater is, of course, the author of the Wolves ofMercy Falls series. But before that, there was Lament, the first book in the Booksof Faerie. I’m always a bit wary of reading earlier books from an author after I have read and loved later books. (does that make sense??) Often it is quite obvious why the later book was the successful one. So I did approach Lament with a bit of trepidation. And you know, it’s not as polished as Wolves, it reads a little rougher, a little less smooth, but the further I went, the less I cared. The story crept up on you and drew you in. What is the faerie queen’s problem with this shy, gifted musician? Why is Luke spending so much time protecting her when he is meant to be killing her? Who is on her side and who isn’t?? All questions that keep you engaged and turning the pages.
 The second in this series, Ballad, was released the same year as Shiver. I look forward to reading it to see whether it is as raw as Lament or more polished. Should be interesting!  

Recommended for: those who have read Mercy Falls and wants to see what else Stiefvater can do.