28 March, 2011

Icebound Land

Title: Icebound Land
Author: John Flanagan
Genre: Fiction
Series: Ranger's Apprentice Book 3
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Having escaped Lord Morgarath, Will and Evanlyn have been kidnapped by the Skandians. Halt, Will's master has promised to rescue him, but  needs to take drastic action in order to be released from his Ranger duties. Joined by Horace - knight in training and Will's friend, they set off for the icy land of Skandia to save Will. Having been sold into slavery, Will and Evanlyn know their only chance of survial is escape. But how will they do so and will they survive the frozen landscape? In the meantime, will Halt and Horace be able to help, or have they found themselves in hot water of their own?

What I thought: I've said before how much I am enjoying this series. Once again Flanagan has produced a quality piece of work - rarely found in the field of children's fantasy fiction. The story is meaty and meaningful. While I am only three books into this series, I have yet to find a book that comes across as simply a "filler." Book four promises to continue in this vein, making this series one I will recommend again and again for 10 - 15 year olds.

Recommended for: those who have enjoyed the first two books.

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