12 May, 2010

Circle of Quilters

Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini

Book nine in the Elm Creek Quilts series

Two of the original Elm Creek Quilters are moving on to other projects, leaving two teaching vacancies. But they can't employ just anyone, it needs to be someone special who will appreciate and understand the uniqueness of Elm Creek Quilts and help it continue the tradition of unforgettable camps for it's clients.

Circle of Quilters focuses on the search for new staff. 5 applicants are interviewed and each chapter explores their story - what led them to quilt, what encourages them to apply for the job and how their interview goes.

I found this a lot of fun! As I read it each story I was assessing each applicants suitability for the job. I am pleased to say that I reached the same conclusion as the Elm Creek Quilters! It's a little ridiculous really, given it's a fictional book. I continue to admire Chiaverini's ability to keep the series fresh and interesting. Almost all of the books I have read would be able to stand alone, but reading the previous books gives you just that little bit extra insight. I'm looking forward to the next one!