31 August, 2014

TBR Spring Clean Challenge.

Spring has sprung - at least it has in Brisbane, Australia. Chances are there are still parts of the country battling the cold, but it's definitely warming up here!

Since buying my Kindle, I've bought most of my books via it. It's easier to lug about and I know I will never be short of a book. However, I have managed to collect a small pile of hard copy TBR's. My aim this September is to whittle it down a bit by devoting my reading almost exclusively to the pile you see above. So the rules are as follows:

1. My reading in September must come from the pile of books above.

2. The only books that can come from somewhere else are library books that need to be read before their due date (at the moment, there is only one, but I have several on request that may or may not come in over the month), or books that are the second of a series where the first must be read. (only candidate as far as I know is Susan Duncan's Gone Fishing)

3. If I am reading a book from another source, I must read one from the pile straight after.

4. If I start the book and am not liking it, I am under no obligation to finish it, but must choose another book from the pile to substitute.

5. If I am enjoying the book, but finding in unwieldy I may purchase it to read on my kindle - especially if it's something I am likely to read again.

Anyone is welcome to join me! Just head over to my tracking page and leave a comment. Follow my rules or make up your own - what ever works for you. Most of all - have fun!