09 February, 2013

This One is a Year Long Project...

It was inevitable that after seeing the movie I would once again attempt the book. I've always been a fan of the musical and after performances such as this one by Anne Hathaway, how could I not give the book another chance?

However this time I am taking a different approach. Instead of thinking I must read the entire 1232 pages in one go, I am giving myself permission to put it down and pick up something else whenever I find it too much. I also reading it on the kindle - a much easier format than the brick the book is. My first aim is to read at least 5% (I have to give myself some rules!). That way I get a sense of achievement when I reach it and bonus points if I go beyond! I'll most probably review as I go too. As they say, once more into the breach!

And finally this one because it's my favourite.