21 July, 2012

Guards! Guards!

Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Kindle

FromGoodreads: Here there be dragons...and the denizens of Ankh-Morpork wish one huge firebreather would return from whence it came. Long believed extinct, a superb specimen of "draco nobilis" ("noble dragon" for those who don't understand italics) has appeared in Discworld's greatest city. Not only does this unwelcome visitor have a nasty habit of charbroiling everything in its path, in rather short order it is crowned King (it is a "noble" dragon, after all...).

What I thought:
One should not mess with dragons, it leads to no good! Guards! Guards! Is the first of Pratchett’s books to introduce The Night Watch, including Vimes, Carrot and Nobby. And once again it’s a wonderful light heart read, perfect for the break I needed from A SuitableBoy. As always Pratchett lightens my soul, cleanses my reading palette and gives a bloody good belly laugh. Perfect!

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