11 March, 2015

February in Review

So my February review is a little late. February has not been a good reading month for a couple of reasons. The first is I started a new job which has cut back my available reading time. No major problem, it just is. The second reason has a had a huge impact on my life and to be truthful, has been devastating.

On February 19 my husband rang me at work to tell me that one my best friend's husband had died - suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically. Adam's passing has left a huge hole in the life of my friend, Jodie and her two boys. Our families are close - very close. Losing Adam has been like losing a brother for myself and my husband, an uncle for my kids.
Adam doing something he loved.

Jodie started blogging at the beginning of February as part of her alcohol free month, aimed at raising money for a friend of hers with MS. She has continued to blog her journey after the loss of Adam so you can read about her and her wonderful family here at Over the Rim of my Glass. There is also a GoFund me page to help Jodie and her boys here. If you want, or able to, please donate to either her cause, or her friend Mary's cause.
For about two weeks after Adam's death I could not read. Just couldn't focus or settle on anything. The last week has seen my reading mojo start to return, so lets look at the reading aspect of February.

First, some stats.

Kindle - 1                                       Library - 2
Book - 2                                         Own - 1
Fiction - 2                                      Borrowed (non library) - 0
Non-fiction - 1

Female Author - 2                         New to Me Authors - 2
Male Author - 1
Australian Author - 

In February I completed 3 books.

Yep, that's it, three. My pick for the month would be Bones Never Lie.

Our book group book for this month was Self-Made Man. To say I didn't like it is an understatement and it scored my first one star for the year. It did provide some good discussion though.

Anna Karenina is still going in the car. As of today, I have listened a further 77 chapters, taking me to the end of chapter 156 of 238. That's 12:48:21 of listening time since the end of January. Added to January's total, that is 25:18:21 total or just short of 67% - I'm getting there!

That's my February. How was yours? What were your picks for the month? Hopefully my March will be better.