04 July, 2014

Book Review: Lockie Leonard Legend

From the Blurb: Lockie's survived his first year of high school, settling into a new town and his first mad love affair - it’s all behind him; he made it!
But the world of weirdness hasn't finished with him yet. His little brother's hormones have kicked in, his baby sister refuses to walk or talk - but eats anything in sight - his Dad arrests a sheep and his Mum seems to have checked out of the here and now.
As Lockie's world turns upside down, he learns that life is never as simple as it seens and along the way finds out a lot more about himself than he ever realised was there.

Thoughts: I truly believe Tim Winton is a good author regardless of whether he is writing for kids, young teens or adults. I find so few authors manage to straddle all three.
In the third Lokie Leonard book, things get serious. Lockie's mum is suffering from depression and Lockie needs to stand up and help take care of his family. There is still the trademark Winton humour, but there is obviously a serious side to this book. It's a book about realising what's important in life, banding together as a family and learning to take care of the ordinary every day things. What can I say, it's Winton and we all know I love him.