14 December, 2012

I also sew!

I have another blog which focuses on my quilting.  I'm thinking of merging the two - sewing and reading. To see how it goes, for the rest of this year I will be posting my sewing here as well as over on my other blog.

Recently I participated in a Doll's Quilt swap where I made a small, doll sized quilt for someone and another quilter made one for me. Here's the results.

I thought I should blog the doll's quilt I sent and the one I received!

I sent this little number to Caz over at The Accidental Quilter

Rainbow Dreams

I used this tutorial from One flew Over and I loved how it came together. I'm always scared of sending something off to someone else so was very happy when Caz was pleased with it.

The quilt I received came from the lovely and talented Carmel over at Solomon Sewing

Poppy Breeze

I love the colours and the light breezy feel of it. The quilting is exquisite and it now hangs at the bottom of my stairs where I get to look at it every morning as I come down - it never fails to make me smile!

I really enjoyed this swap and hopefully may participate in a few more next year...might even run one myself...