30 October, 2011

North by Northwestern

Title: North by Northwestern
Author: Sig Hansen and Mark Sundeen
Genre: Non Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Library

Synopsis: Sig Hansen is the captain of the Northwestern, one of the crab fishing boats featured in The Deadliest Catch. In this book he looks at his family's Norwegian heritage, how he was raised and why crabbing is in his blood.

What I thought: I love Deadliest Catch and Sig Hansen has always been one of the most entertaining characters. I'm not a big fan of his management style, but I am also happy to admit that I only see what is edited in to the show, not what is left out. The book was interesting, although as I find with a lot of books written with a strong focus on one topic - it did get a bit repetitive. It wasn't a challenging read and gave an different insight into the lives these guys lead.

Recommended for: those who are Deadliest Catch fans.

Challenges:  100+ Challenge,